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Development Board

The Santa Teresita School Development Board has made it possible to continue the mission of providing a quality Catholic education for our current students and more students to come. The Development Board was established under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Yvonne Navarro, who were both a part of Santa Teresita’s first graduating class of 1955. Over the years, the Development Board has raised significant funds for Santa Teresita School by hosting a gala and inviting many of their acquaintances to infuse our school with hope through their generous gifts. Each member of the Development Board has been committed to support our school so that children can receive a quality Catholic education in a stable environment and then continue on to a Catholic high school.

Development Board Members

  • Sam and Yvonne Navarro, Co-Chairs
  • Ed Woodsome, Honorary Chairman of the Board
  • Alex and Nadine Chaves
  • Bob Navarro
  • Ray Recendez
  • Frank and Gemma Urioste
  • Vera Vignes
  • Charlene Vignes
  • Jill Wondries

Santa Teresita School Representatives

  • Vernice Grajeda, M.A. Principal
  • Terry Olmos, Development Director
  • Cathy Muñoz, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Vision of Hope Representatives

  • Sister Georgette Coulombe, O.P.
  • Shannon McDonald


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